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John Huling’s photographs have appeared in Architectural Digest, Better Homes and Gardens, Cosmopolitan, LA Magazine, House and Home and literally hundreds of other publications. His outstanding historical photographs have been recognized and published by the Smithsonian Institution, The National Trust for Historic Preservation, California Historic Preservation and Art Association and numerous other publications around the world.

Much of his work is in the National Historic Preservation Archives. John and his Photo stylist wife, Joni Huling, have been responsible for the photographs of more than 120 MAME, Gold Nugget, MIRM, AIA and other Architectural Awards programs over the years. John was one of the original founding members of the MAME awards and numerous other architectural award programs.

John and Joni were selected out of hundreds of photographic teams nation-wide by Smithsonian Historic Preservation to photograph the “California Mission” period architecture from the Mexican/California border to the Oregon Border.

“Huling’s photographic ability is excellent! His early years spent around close friends Ansel Adams and Weston shows. His lighting is natural and never overdone. It is exactly what we require for the sensitive nature of photographing historic Architecture. Beyond that though his enthusiasm and his knowledge of photography as well as the history of the projects we assign him to are way beyond any photographer we have ever worked with. He and Joni really know their work and so do we.”


John Huling Photography Brown Ledge Interior Lodge
Brown Ledge Interior Lodge

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